Bowitorque Services

Bowitorque is a young and vibrant company that was established with one goal, that is to deliver quality service to all its clients. We identify the significance of providing your staff and customers with an environment that leaves a good first impression every time. 

We offer a specialized and discreet service that operates with minimal disruptions to your business. Our packages are designed to give you peace of mind that your environment will maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Bowitorque Services will provide a wide range of functional and stylish products depending on your needs. 

You will only receive the services you need and won’t be paying for anything that you don’t. Bowitorque Services provides a program that is specific to each customer’s needs and we base this on a thorough assessment of business operations, staff levels and number of customers.

About Us

Bowitorque was established in 2013, and started operating/servicing both government and the private sectors. We are a Level 1 BEE (110%) rated company.

The Director has 20 years experience in the financial accounting field, and the Operations Manager with an Honors in Management, Commerce in Law, International Logistic Supply obtained at Wits University, and experience as Branch Manager for 11 years, both with sufficient knowledge of finance and operational environment, opened Bowitorque, and has been successful for the past five years.

Contracting Services

Our experience encompasses nearly every major dicipline, including, plumbing, electrical, building repairs, carpentry, painting, tiliing, partitioning and joinery

Attaching certificate of compliance taking full responsibility of noncompliance due to negligence, etc. All electrical and plumbing work will have an COC attached to all work completions from our side.

Contact Us

You are always welcome to contact us at all hours. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

46 Latrobe Street
Rowland Park
Hunters Retreat
Port Elizabeth , 6025

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Tel: 041-371-1104
Cell: 071-889-8501